Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Computer Repairs, Tunnels and Bridges

Off into town early this morning with Su's Mac to visit the Apple Store. They said they'd fixed it, but they didn't - so it's back in again tomorrow to get it properly sorted (Oh what a pity!).
Waiting for my "Genius", I played with the panorama function on my phone. 
At the Genius Bar. 
Afterwards did a few other chores, which took me past these sheds erected to house the Christmas market starting next week.
Looking over the top of the Roman Baths to the Abbey. 
Walked through the tunnel by the station 
I was passed by these two Community Support Officers AKA walking cameras ("Incident Recording Units" is what it says on their jackets) - so I thought I'd film them.
Came to the bridge over the river, which has just been restored. 
The bridge to Widcombe. 
Went to meet up with Su at Prior Park Garden Centre passing this recently opened record shop.
Then it was home before I headed off to UWE for some project supervision (to the one student who turned up). Leaving for home, saw this old Austin 7 in the car park - wisely covered up against the earlier rain. 
On the bonnet… 
Bristol Austin 7 club badge. 
Home in time to walk Bella off into the sunset (and back again for tea). 
This day a year ago, I was at UWE for the day and spotting gnomic markings on a grey afternoon. 
When We Were Young(er) in 2003 on the way to Tilos, this was our first ever view of Rhodes harbour. 

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