Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Wet Walks, More Pumpkins and Unseasonal Flowers

A grey and miserable start to the day beginning with mist which coalesced into low cloud and rain for most of the rest of the day. It did make this twig stand out as I passed with Bella this morning.
Then it was off to UWE for some more project supervision. This staff car park barrier has stoppped being repaired after one too many drive throughs (I suspect by students, but not necessarily…). Don't know why they don't remove the whole unit rather than leave it standing there? 
Back home after giving the benefit of my attention to the one student out of seven who actually turned up, I took Bella out for her afternoon walk while Su performed magic in the kitchen. Our winter flowering cherry has decided to bloom early for some reason.
I suddenly saw this door as a face, and only then noticed the two pumpkins I'd missed on earlier walks past. 
Mallow flowers looking lovely with the rain on them. 
Evidence from last night of one of the many fireworks that made Bella most unhappy.  Far fewer tonight thankfully. 
There's a new tagger in town - can't quite make out what it says ("Hon"?) so I'll look out for more legible examples. 
This late and very bright marigold brightened up the walk. 
Unremitting grey skies. 
Work still going on by one of the houses affected by the landslip last winter - the orange barrier is the edge of the hill that collapsed, so far too close for comfort!
More pumpkins I'd missed on earlier walks. 
Another pumpkin with a distinctly feline cast put out for the recyclers tomorrow. 
This day a year ago woke to a bright, clear sunrise.
When We Were Young(er) in Chania in 1993 we had to change rooms to this one with a delightful coloured window high up.
Su's news story of the day - we have a new baby (Grace Madison) next door!

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