Monday, 11 November 2013

Grey Skies, Fireworks Debris and Westonbirt's Glory

A grey day after yesterday's bright clarity.  Out with Bella this morning, I was taken by the multi-coloured nature of this ivy flower.
I liked this fading buddleia bloom as well. 
Bright berries on this bush helped to brighten the morning. 
Just what you need when it's damp - wet suits! 
 One of Bella's tormentors.
 A net trying to escape from this garden?
Another tormentor.  Hopefully that is the end of all the bangs and booms for another few weeks - until New Year's Eve and stray birthday celebrations. 
After doing some chores around the house, we went up to Westonbirt - driving through thick mist to get there where it was clear - and dull. The trees looked even more splendid than our last visit - it's been a spectacular autumn.
Really taken by this tree - a swamp cypress. When we buy our swamp, that's what we'll plant:-). 
This branch was so well covered with lichen that Su compared it to a coat. 
Great mix of colours on the floor of the wood. 
This aspect showed the range of colours to good effect. 
Not flowers, as we thought at first, but fungi fruits. 
An abandoned glove for the collection. 
A collection of acer leaves left behind. 
These cloudy trees always delight at this time of year. 
Splendid colours. 
This day a year ago, we went via Chew Vally Lake to Nailsea for Sunday lunch - where Richard was in contemplative mood with his fork. 
When We Were Young(er) in 2003 on Tilos we found an abandoned village (shades of Symi's ruins) which was used for raves in the Summer months.  This was the view looking northwards.

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