Friday, 22 November 2013

A Day of Light

A bright start to the morning - it gets a little later and the sun comes up a bit more to the right, every day for another month or so.
It was back down into town to the Apple Store. Today's "Genius" actually bothered to look inside the machine and did find a fault (that could be fixed there and then).
After that, it was back out into a lovely bright day - these Christmas illuminations were lit up by the sun. 
This hotel by the station had absailing window cleaners at work.
The tunnel past the station, full of taxis. 
I liked this abstract bollard and the shadow it cast. 
In Widcombe. I'm not sure I want to inquire what sort of virtual practices we're talking about!
After meeting up with Su at Prior Park Garden Centre, came home and did some domestic chores before going out with Bella down by the river for an afternoon walk. The light was lovely and the river was still enough for some good reflections.
I was particularly taken by this bend in the river. 
A mighty pylon dominates the scene. 
Walked back through Kensington Meadows into a glorious sunset sky. 
Looking the other way towards Little Solsbury, with a bank of purple clouds on the skyline.
This day a year ago, it was extremely windy as this picture managed to suggest. 
When We Were Young(er) in 1990 on Sifnos, I was either reading intently or sound asleep… Our wooden-handled sharp knife (it lives on in our van cutlery collection!), which we bought on Milos a few days before, is in the sand next to me.

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