Monday, 4 November 2013

Off to The Coast and Sunshine Galore

A beautiful morning when I looked out of the bathroom window.
At this time of the year the sunrise moves to the front of the house, and a look out of the front door showed it was set to be a lovely day.
Out with Bella for her morning walk, spotted these pumpkins I'd missed yesterday. 
These berries shone out. 
It was too nice a day to stay in and do the chores we had planned, so we escaped - going past the golf course on our way out of Bath.
On our way to the coast, we passed near Bristol airport as this Aer Lingus plane was coming in to land. 
We went to Clevedon, where we actually saw some (brown) sea. 
An initial  short walk for Bella took us past the bandstand in the process of renovation.
Liked the trumpet and harp logos.
We wandered back to the front, where evidence of recent storms littered the promenade. Had a lovely lunch sitting outside Tiffin in the sunshine. 
Then it was time for the second installment of Bella's walk. Loved these clematis seed heads ("old man's beard"). 
 Big skies, looking across to Cardiff
A windswept tree by the bandstand. 
There was a cold wind, so we didn't linger too long.  Came home via Chew Valley Lake, which was no warmer but had a lovely light over the water. 
This day a year ago, we had heavy rain which turned into snow.
When We Were Young(er) on Folegandros in 1991 this popular meeting place was a space to view sunset over the island.  At the end of their summer term (to the despair of their teachers!) the schoolchildren tore up their text books, making them into paper aeroplanes, and launched them off this cliff

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