Thursday, 28 November 2013

Christmas Trees, Plaques and House Names

Out and about this morning, admired this smart entrance on Manvers Street.
Just along from the Royal Hotel and the train station. 
A Christmas tree up and decorated in the big square between the train and bus stations. 
Popped into Prior Park Garden Centre, which is very well stocked with pre-trussed Christmas trees. There'll be no escape for the next four weeks or so!
For the first time ever, we drove down Holloway from Bear Flat to Widcombe and saw this poem on an old wall. 
Just along from it was this explanatory plaque. 
Out with Bella this afternoon, it continued to be a grey and featureless sky- happily relieved by the trees which have hung on to their leaves. 
This one looked magnificent. 
As we got closer, I realised that it was the one with the interestingly peeling bark. 
Down the hill a little, I've walked past this house lots of times, but never stopped to wonder what it means. I'm still none the wiser, as Google just points me to an hotel in Malawi - maybe that's the connection? 
The house has a second name, which again could do with some investigation. 
This day a year ago, after my last Pilates class of the year I helped unload a big load of logs for our stove before dozing off in front of the fire. 
When We Were Young(er) in 2005 on Symi, we enjoying this mid-morning scene.

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