Saturday, 23 November 2013

More Effects of Sunshine and Film-Going

Awake to see dawn's early light yet again, Liked the conjunction of street lights with the glow on the horizon.
Soon the skies started to colour up. 
Then they became quite spectacular. 
The scene at the back of the house was impressive too. 
Lots of cloud cover. 
Out with Bella, I admired our winter-flowering cherry, which has started to bloom before it's lost its leaves. 
It was a proper frost last night. 
Saw this neighbour's pile of wood and resisted the urge to get a wheelbarrow and reduce his pile a little:-). 
The sun shone on Malvern Terrace with Little Solsbury behind. 
The sun was trying to break through the clouds. 
 Brooding sky.
The day brightened up quite a bit after that. We walked down into town via Belgrave Crescent, where I liked the sweep of chimney pots lit up by the sunshine 
A door with paintwork worthy of Symi. 
I liked the contrast between the dark branches and bright leaves on this tree. 
Walking down Walcot Street, we were passed by a Hell's Angel on a three wheeler (a Hell's Trike?) - they are giving city centre tours on these now. 
Faded old advertising artwork still to be seen.
We went to Komedia to see Gravity at last. It certainly kept us awake - a great performance by Sandra Bullock.
Admired the Christmas lights on the way back up out of town.
This day a year ago, we went off to Westonbirt (re-opened after the high winds of the previous day) and admired their new water feature - created by all the recent rain we'd had.
When We Were Young(er) on Symi in 2005, we had already started taking pictures of door knockers several years before we went on Neil's first ever photo walk.

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