Friday, 8 November 2013

Misty Morning, Returned Van and Stunning Sunset

Woke up to see mist deep in the valley - it got even thicker as the morning got going before the inevitable rain set in for hours.
Our acer down in the back garden is glorious this autumn.
Su dropped me over to Kingswood to pick up the van from MAD Workshop's ministrations - all the wheel arches have been replaced as well as various other undercarriage works to make it roadworthy. It's primed to protect it - paint will be applied at some stage…
The rest of the day was taken up with van maintenance and then looking out for our resident plumbers working on our central heating system - it **may** be sorted (time will tell). When I thought the rain was stopping, I went out with Bella - and then the rain started up again! We were rewarded for our efforts towards the end of the walk by the sun breaking through.
St Stephens church glimpsed through a gap between two houses.
I liked the way that the setting sun reflected off these houses' windows.
Great light bathing these trees.
Bella posing with the (inevitable!) ball that she'd found earlier.
The light was glorious for about 10 minutes - managed to catch this view over Little Solsbury before the sun went down.
And this sky looking over towards Box and Bathhampton.
This day a year ago, we had a glorious sunset.
When We Were Young(er) in 2003 we were on Tilos in May to see Spring in Greece for the first time - lots of flowers and cool evenings.

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