Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween in Bristol and Bath

We went over to Bristol this morning. I parked in Trenchard Street car park - this was the view onto Park Row.
This panoramic view over the city was from the other side of the car park. 
Georgian architecture at the back of Trenchard Street.
There are lots of cafes around this part of Bristol, all of them with their temptations.
I don't know if this is by Banksy - it's on the site of one of his former pieces that became the focus of a street artist war. Whoever it's by, I like the Aladdin Sane flash on HRH:-).
Outside the Children's Wing of the Bristol Royal Informary. 
Across the road is a shop for the recent 80 Gromits event. 
Up the road this shop had a real Halloween theme - from cushions…
…to skeleton garlands… 
…to family groups… 
… to cups and mugs… 
… to tea towels and T shirts… 
 … to bejewelled skulls a la Damien Hurst.
They even had an advert for a green funeral director alongside all these skeletal items.
Lots of very old buildings in this part of Bristol. 
Lots of history in this building, now housing  this tattoo and piercing establishment.
Above, the remains of early advertising show it used to house a builders merchant.
You don't see stuff like this in sedate Georgian Bath! 
Impressive balconies above the main road on this old building. 
Great decoration on this pub. 
I liked the name on this house that houses Happy Hour Productions.
Outside the red house, a couple of blue plaques - one to Mary Carpenter aided (don't know how) by Lady Byron…
 … and one to an ethnologist I have never heard of before.
Back in Bath this afternoon walking Bella, this door decoration caught my eye.
The last leaves are clinging to this creeper.
The colours of decay. 
On a quiet country lane, a personalised numberplate on this Mercedes. 
Looking across the Charlcombe Valley towards our house.
This day a year ago, I once more did not post a blog entry.

When We Were Young(er) on my first trip to Greece in 1972, I visited Ios where I first slept on a Greek beach. This was the view.
Su's news story of the day (Bath Chronicle website - click on the title for the full story):

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