Friday, 18 October 2013

Pounding the Streets Again

Pictures from a couple of walks I've had with Bella today. Thought that this ladder might be a contribution to Support Your Local Burglar Week?
A neatly arranged pile of flagstones waiting to be laid on a patio. 
These holly berries have now turned completely red. 
Rose hips out in abundance. 
Ivy flowers have blossomed. 
Even some blackberries still to be seen. 
Cyclamen blooming away at the edge of the small wood down the hill from us. 
Bindweed flowers still going strong. 
Why not officially start letting off fireworks at the end of October just to make sure that all the cats and dogs in the neighbourhood have an extended period of discomfort and anxiety. When I was young, Halloween wasn't even marked, let alone celebrated (certainly not by packs of children demanding sweets with menaces)- I blame the US!
A neighbour's rose looking very pink. 
A carpet of fuchsia petals on the pavement. 
An innovative way to use a border by a path, and keep the nettles under control - by planting courgettes.
Evening primrose flowering. 
Predictably, Bella nosed out a tennis ball for me to kick for her on the walk.
Michaelmas daisies coming to the end of their time, still attracting an occasional bee.
St Stephens church spire glimpsed over the rooftops. 
The curse of Christmas has well and truly taken hold - even though it's still more than two months away. 
Along the edge of the hillside that had the landslip last winter, this new house is taking shape. Not sure I'd build there…
Looking over to Solsbury Hill.
Mallow flowers. 
A pretty rose in a neighbour's front garden. 
Not so much parked outside our house as obstructing the pavement. 
This day a year ago, I admired our neighbour's sunflowers which had survived a battering by the weather. 
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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