Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Sunshine, Fruits, Flowers and the RIver

A brighter and more promising start to today than the last few mornings.
Honeysuckle flowers freshly rinsed after the last downpour. 
Apples for the taking - these are advertised as being ideal for horses…
Berries shining in the sunshine. 
Flowers still blooming - and it's only a week until Halloween. 
Thes hydrangeas are on their way out and fading. 
This weeping willow looked good with sunlight on it. 
Our local pub, however is not looking so good - it now seems to be called Fari Dams rather than the Fairfield Arms.
Back into UWE - this time getting a lift in with Stepehen to meet some Music Technology Final Year students for a first supervision meeting - 3 out of 7 turned up. This project is only worth a third of their final year, so what's the worry?:-) Passed by the Design wing of R Block on my way in - its solar panels doing well in today's brightness. 
In the N Block courtyrad, these trees added a splash of colour. 
Corrdiors throbbing with activity - not! 
Came home and went for a walk with Su and Bella down by the river, which was flowing fast and muddily brown after recent rains. 
At the edge of Kensington Meadows, this slide makes good use of the embankment. 
 A lovely light.
 Looking down the path.
A fresh umbellifer flower with a very sluggish bee drinking nectar. 
A splash of colour from this stand of dogwood. 
A new category in the discarded items of clothing category - knickers hanging from a tree. 
Bella missed this ball that Su found - a Kong AirDog
More autumnal colours showing up in the sun. 
 Turning back along Kensington Meadows.
The ball that Su found was also branded SqueakAir - appositely because that's what it it did. Bella got very excited! 
Great swing at the play area up from the slide.
A mini stone henge? 
Great robust climbing frame. 
Bella chased and chased her ball until she needed a rest and a think - but never letting go of her new ball, of course:-) 
This day a year ago, I went back into UWE to supervise some IS dissertation projects after our visit to Symi and was taken with this Olympic-themed two-storey high mural. 
When We Were Young(er), we went to Folegandros (via Athens and Milos) in 1991 for a memorable time. Su snapped me in my colourful shorts on the way to the beach. 
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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