Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Storms, Shopping and Frozen Molluscs

After the rain, thunder and lightning of the day, we were treated to the most spectacular electric storm over Turkey for hours and hours - it was still going after we had seen Jenni, Candy and Sue and Glen at the Sunrise Cafe for a farewell drink. I managed to get this shot by pure fluke:-
This morning, the valley was sombre and wetter than yesterday. 
I conked out for a few hours more and awoke to a completely different scene, having slept right through a very loud thunderstorm apparently. We are informed that this should be the last of the rain until at least next week. 
We walked down into Yialos, passing this collection of bicycle frames and wheels - somebody's business premises? 
Coming down into the Yialos to see the Symi at berth. 
Ducks by the bridge. 
Spotted the little train plying its trade as we popped in to say hello to Debby. 
After some lunch and shopping we headed back to catch the bus. 
At the kiosk, we saw a shoe department on the bonnet of this van. 
Menswear arranged along the side. 
Got back to our apartment to find we had a visitor sunning itself on one of our chairs. 
The afternoon proved to be glorious and the valley looked great.
A spot of shopping at Sotiris, where we saw these frozen octopi - not your everyday fare at Sainsburys! 
This day a year ago, we had our last meal at the old Olive Tree premises before they moved to the top of the Kalistrata where they are today. 
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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