Sunday, 6 October 2013

Yialos Wanderings, Bucking Bronco and Leather Trousers

After playing at the Sunrise Kafeneion with George and Clare last night, it was a slowish start to Sunday. We wandered off out into a bright, but cloudy day - still with a cool wind although not so strong as the past few days. Spotted these caged songbirds put out on the electricity pole for some fresh air.
We wandered down into Yialos, seeing that the Symi and Nikolaos were both in port. 
We explored some parts of Yialos that we haven't wandered about before - on the way spotted this sfiga (wasp or hornet) that are about at this time of year. 
An impressive door knocker caught my eye. 
Tastefully arranged prickly pear plant over this courtyard wall. 
Another house with multiple numbers. 
Looking up at the Kataraktis - not yet time to go back up to the Chorio. 
Just what you need on your gate is a single red eagle with a shiny stud for an eye.
Looking over some rubble down to the harbour and across to Turkey. 
 The steps to nowhere…
Looking up at the Kastro. 
The before-and-after houses still stand in delightful contrast to each other. 
A bucking bronco at the side of the road - just down from the Iapetos, so wonder if it's going to be part of their collection of weird and wonderful items. 
Had lunch at the Nereida and then repaired to Eva's Bar for coffee and a spot of people watching. We'd been talking about the odd poses people had been adopting in front of the anchor when this woman in leather trousers lay down on it for a photo shoot.
Off to catch the bus back up the hill, enjoyed watching this gulet go back and forth trying to get moored. 
 Off the bus to be met by bin cat and kitten.
Drawn to Lefteris' Kafeneion where we sat and talked to Ian and Lynn for a while until the sun disappeared and left us shivering. Back to the apartment to catch the last of the sunlight over the Pedi Valley.
This day a year ago, we also enjoyed the sunset - this was the view over the Chorio. 
Su's news story of the day(BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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