Friday, 11 October 2013

Bones, Music and Pedi Time

A delayed blog post from yesterday (10th October), for which many apologies. Woke to another lovely morning over Pedi bay, tinged with a hint of mist.
Su went off to James' to make goat vertebrae necklaces and goat bone mobiles for the forthcoming Judas Curse filming. I pootled around the apartment a bit before heading out.  These Christmas decorations seem to be a year-round feature.
Met up with Terri and then made our way up to George's for a session, where we were joined by Steve, who played Paul's guitar - so we were a jolly band! Much blues ensued:-)
Walking back from George's, the view over the Chorio.
Saw this abandoned baby carrier by the bins - I don't think it's anything to do with the film!
Back at the apartment, met up with Su and decide that a walk would be a good idea. Admired these white bougainvillea on the way out.
An abandoned woolly glove on this wall - my first ever on Symi!
We were joined and accompanied for quite a while by this friendly little dog.
Passed the chickens on the Pedi road.
The new hotel complex is coming on - lots of the scaffolding has come down and staircases to the top floor have been put in
We walked up the side of the bay past Tolis Taverna where Su thought that this old place looked like a project to take on.
Lots of fish of various sizes by the quayside, including what looked like lots of centipedes - I think they're sea slugs?
Looking back at the Chorio, the light was lovely.
Time for a paddle and a stare at the bay.
Thistle shining in the sun.
Walking back along the head of the bay, the light was lovely.
Sunset over Chorio. We bumped into Steve again, and ended up sitting at Katsaras Taverna and having a lovely evening meal under the stars. 
Caught the last bus back up to the Chorio and popped into the Sunrise Kafeneion for a nightcap - and a donation of a large mule bone for the film:-). Came back to the apartment and sleep - as Paul Hulbert commented on yesterday's short blog posting, we were "dirty stop outs"! There will be another blog posting this evening about today's experiences…
This day a year ago, the weather was very different - grey clouds, no sun, rumbles of thunder and the occasional flash of lightning over Turkey.
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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