Thursday, 17 October 2013

A Day Not on Symi

Awake and up quite early this morning to see the grey skies over Solsbury Hill that I have pined for while in Greece (not!).
Our hornbeam outside the kitchen window has turned a lovely colour while we've been away. 
The skies started to brighten as the morning got going properly.
Looking up at the local church from the medical centre, the skies were now a promising blue. 
 Went off for coffee and a bacon roll at the Secret Garden Cafe (unfortunately not Michailis' and Katya's:-)!) in Prior Park Garden Centre. Christmas chocolate displays seem to have taken over much of the space there already.
Went for a stroll around Widcombe afterwards - this notice clearly didn't work too well! 
Looking over the rooftops, I pondered how to finish this phrase - "Joking"? It is actually a Christian slogan, so "Born Again" is the wording - wonder how many helicopter pilots undergo sudden conversions as they fly over…
Old signpainting on this building on Widcombe Parade, now dedicated to arranging student lettings.
The building size birthday greeting continues to carry its daily change of message. 
Went past these cottages - I'm sure that Ralph Allen got the stone masons to build their own houses (probably after a full day's work), rather than getting his own hands dirty. Wonder if he charged them full rate for the materials…
It might have won an environmental award in 1986, but 27 years later this is a very heavily traffic-polluted corner.
We escaped Bath to go and collect Bella from her holiday at the kennels (Our house sitters again being the dog-averse ones). Great clouds over Dunkerton as we came down the hill.
Down into Radstock and the old pithead wheel at the Mining Museum. 
Coming from Wellow into Paulton, the old slag heap dominates the landscape like Mount Fuji 
Picked up Bella and went to Chew Valley lake, where this plastic whale-like (?) artefact was an entry in this year's scarecrow trail 
Commendable to re-use last year's signs, but please make your mind up quite when the free parking runs to!
The lake was beautiful in the sun, and the breeze was not too chilly even for those of us recently returned from Symi:-)
Fresh blooms on this umbellifer (thanks to Su's foot for holding it steady).
Bella enjoying her freedom. 
Came back via Julian Road in Bath, where we saw this personalised numberplate. Why bother on a Hyundai?
Came up Lansdown past St Stephens Church which looked grand in the afternoon sun. 
The angle of the afternoon sun through our stained glass window furnished this light painting.
Our grape vine looking happy in the sunshine, with the virginia creeper across the road past its best. 
This day a year ago, I was also up early on our first morning back from Symi - but to a brighter sunrise than today. 
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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