Friday, 4 October 2013

Wind, Sun, Terracing and Indeterminate Addresses

A windy and cold (12ºC apparently!) night last night. Woke up to an insistent and decidedly cool northerly wind whooshing around, which blew this rather magnificent creature in to visit.
The sky was brilliant blue and the sun was warm out of the wind. 
We walked down to Yialos down the Kali Strata, which offered some respite from the wind. Noticed several houses with more than one number - this one took the prize with four of them! Where do you address post to - number 22, 82(?), 1273 or 2310???
Went down into the wind to investigate this newly created and planted out area of terracing overlooking the harbour - a lovely expanse on five levels. 
Further down towards Yialos, saw this dried up thistle plant still flowering away and golden in the sun. 
A family of cats snuggled up out of the wind in a cosy spot. 
We walked round the harbour this far (much more clement on the clock tower side out of the wind - until we turned the corner). 
The water sparkled like diamonds in front of the Symi
Watched the Panagia Skiadeni coming on - only a few minutes late despite the high winds and choppy seas. 
Then it was off to Catherinettes for an enjoyable, tasty lunch. Spotted this sign on the way. In all the times we've been on Symi, we have never seen any sign of this prohibition being enforced - it would have played havoc with all the collection of cargo from the Skiadeni if it was!
Then we bumped into the copyrighted Kerri & Steve Finch, with their friends Dave and Elaine & Kevin Sheridan. Then a bit of shopping in Taxas and a quick "Hello!" to Clare in Silk before passing this balcony in dire need of repair.
Another development opportunity? Seen on the way to catch the bus back up the hill to our apartment.
Talking of which, this day a year ago we left our accomodation in the Opera House and transferred to this lovely establishment in the Horio. We've stayed there on Symi every trip since…
Su's news story of the day (a double dose to make up for yesterday's lack. Both come from the BBC website - click on the titles for the full stories):

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