Friday, 11 October 2013

Unexpected Yialos Visit, Bunting and Kitten Naming

Breakfast still life composition with honey, pear and nectarine against palm tree.
It's such hard work having to look at this view every morning over breakfast, but somebody has to do it:-) 
Got a lift from Frank into town to go and pick up a parcel addressed to me (it was really meant for George as a present from me). Spent a bit of time around Yialos and looked up to see this big mobile outside the Vapori Bar glinting in the sunshine. 
On the way to catch the bus up the hill, the Symi was in but no other boats yet (apart from the Diagoras, which had been and gone much earlier). 
Looking across to the clock tower. 
Got off the bus by the windmills and went to give George his present - a set of the rainbow coloured guitar strings. He seemed a little bemused by them but also amused! On the way back passed these windmills, one with an indoor garden and for sale - an opportunity!
Where else would you store your boat, but in a building plot at the top of the hill amidst piles of rubble?
 Looking towards the Kastro.
Met up with Su at the Olive Tree for lunch and admired the bunting she had been involved in putting up for the children's party later this afternoon. Gerrie lowered the tone by saying that it made her think of big thongs:-)!
Their creeper is coming on really well and going a lovely colour.
The tape on the fenced off building plot opposite our apartment has been removed for some reason…
Went back to the apartment to collect the big mule bone to give to Terri for the Judas Curse props collection and passed the Fiona Hotel on my way back round to the Rainbow Bar. 
I liked the reflection of the Olive Tree creeper in this motor bike wing mirror.
On the way home, saw this mum and kitten. Talking of kittens, the one we've been feeding who sleeps in a flower bed at our apartments seems to be getting accepted by the family - as well feeding it, the children have made it a little house and given it a name - "Dinky". This bodes well for its survival, so fingers crossed for its future.
This day a year ago, we were on St Nicholas beach where we came across this gnomic arrangement of stones.
Su's news story of the day (Guardian website - click on the title for the full story):

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