Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Last Day on Symi This Year

It was our last night on Symi this year, so we wandered round to the Sunrise Kafeneion for a farewell drink. Delphi welcomed us outside.
The house opposite the bar has its security cameras installed - the only ones I have seen on Symi, and there were no signs alerting passers-by to their possible recording.
In the bar, Derek and Maria were engaged in serious conversation while Claudia practised her smiling expressions. 
On the way home, we were reminded of Dixon of Dock Green and The Blue Lamp
I was awake just as the dawn was breaking - a lovely light, and our last sunrise on Symi this year. 
Su said that this yucca flower was festooned with bees earlier on, but they'd gone by the time I got to see it. 
On the way out for lunch at the Olive Tree we saw this damsel fly on the tip of the newly pruned bougainvillea at our apartment. 
At the  Olive Tree, we spotted these donkeys ferrying building materials up and down the Kalistrata.
It was nice to see that little Dinky had reappeared with another adult cat, which we presumed was her mother. Hope to see her when we return in April.
We waited down from our apartment for a lift to the harbour with our luggage. I admired these hefty thorns.
Our transport to Rhodes was waiting for us - the Panagia Skiadeni
Lots of boats came in to harbour again at the end of the afternoon.
I was taken by these evacuation instructions, particularly "Keep up your courage and start to slide."
Coming into Rhodes, waiting to dock. 
The end of the trip to Rhodes. We got a taxi to the Plaza Hotel with Jean where we are now thinking about what to do for dinner. 
This day a year ago, we had a day on Rhodes and came across these animals poking out of a wall. Passed them again tonight on the way to the Plaza Hotel tonight. 
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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