Thursday, 3 October 2013

Surprise Dinner, Blue Skies and Synchronised Cruisers

A surprise invitation last night to celebrate our landlady Eva's birthday. In true Greek fashion, she got to do all the preparation of a delicious meal
Afterwards, Frank managed to coax her into a Greek dance. 
This morning, the valley was fresh and bright. 
The temperatures have cooled off since the big storm with a fresh northerly wind - cool enough for the donkey below us to happily graze in full sun. 
We were treated to the sight of these twin cruisers sailing into Pedi Bay and mooring parallel to each other. Wondered if they were His and Hers (Brad & Angelina???) or if one is the laundry and kitchens ship for the other.  No reliable rumour as yet, but I'll be sure to spread it if I hear one:-) 
The young goat at the back of us tried unsuccessfully to get into this shed before giving up.
Went out and saw these kittens sleeping bundled on top of each other. 
Looked up at the Vigla before I met up at the Village Hotel with Terri and went to George's for an afternoon's playing music. Su joined us a little later with her amazing trifle and to make much appreciated sandwiches for we musos.
Our view of the hillside opposite while we lunched.
Came back to the apartment in a cool breeze but sun still shining.
Outside the apartments, work in progress is planned. I thought "Odos"meant "road" in Greek, but the arrow points away from the road… 
This day a year ago, we took a day trip to Kastellorizo - 7 hours on a boat and about 3 hours on the island!
Su's news story of the day has been delayed due to slow email provider - will appear tomorrow

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