Friday, 25 October 2013

Walk On The Golf Course, Visit to the Van and Afternoon Sun's Glow

Up and out quite early this morning, I took Bella for a stroll over the golf course after dropping Su off nearby. In honour of this faded sign, I paid no attention to golf balls of any height (there weren't any), I wandered over the golf course and let Bella do the same off the lead. Is this anarchism in action?:-)
Great vistas looking up the hill.
A lovely run of trees along the path.
The patterns of leaves on the ground at this time of year is a treat. Let's hope many more fall from the trees before the threatened high winds come along at the weekend.
It's that fungi time of year.
A different variety nestled in the bole of this tree.
 Looking down the hill towards the gasometer.
At the top of the hill, this allotment was ready and organised for the winter.
Then it was off to Kingswood to go and visit the van, which is having bodywork done at MAD Workshop.
Waiting for some panels to arrive from the suppliers - they ran out because everyone takes their van off the road for repairs at this time of year!
On the way back through Kingswood, I admired this display outside the Polish Market.
Not what you expect to see in a food outlet.
Originally built as a bank and, unusually, still being used for the same purpose.
Picked Su up and passed this Chinese takeaway - not sure about their slogan. I certainly find them "e-resistible" - I've never ordered online from them.
The afternoon sun shining through our grape vine.
Another lovely projection through our stained glass window onto the hall wall.
This day a year ago, I spotted this evidence of a jolly night out.
When We Were Young(er), in September 1994 we went to Xerocambos on Crete. This sign peppered with buckshot  spoke volumes about local attitudes:-)
Su's news story of the day (BBC website click on the title for the full story):
Drugs reportedly found in blood samples from Belgian racing pigeons

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