Saturday, 26 October 2013

Mainly Inside, Joy of IKEA and Delicious Indian Food

Out with Bella this morning - about as bright as it got all day,
Ivy flowers keep on going.
A splash of colour against the grey sky.
A great big delivery truck from Suma (the name derives from "Sunflower Margarine") - a worker's co-operative based in Halifax.
The thin blue line of clear sky.
Su found this butterfly behind a set of drawers and put it on this pot outside to recover - it must have done, as it flew away just after this photograph.
The view at the back of the house late afternoon.
This evening we went over to Bristol, seen here in the distance as we came down from Lansdown.
First stop was IKEA - such fun we have on a Saturday night!
We did our research and then managed to find our way out of the maze towards the exit.
Then it was off to our favourite Bristol Indian restaurant - Krishna's Inn.
Had a lovely meal as the rain tipped down outside, making the roads and pavements glisten.
Ornamental elephant on the counter.
A statue missing its flute.
This day a year ago, these wallflowers appeared where sunflowers had bloomed not many weeks before.
When We Were Young(er) on our Greek oddysey sleeping on beaches, I managed to shave every day by heating sea water in a frisbee in the sun looking in a little hand mirror. The joys of (relative) youth!
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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