Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Views of Pedi and Chatting in the Chorio

Wandered up to the Sunrise Kafeneion last night for a quiet drink…
… as well as ensuring that these muppet impersonators left the island:-). Bon voyage to Kerry & Steve Finch (and Dave) and Elaine & Kev Sheridan.
We ended up staying in the bar until really quite late, so it was a bit earlier than our bodies would have liked when we were greeted with yet another lovely morning looking over the Pedi valley for breakfast. 
Went up to the American supermarket, passing this graffito on the way - I guess it's a sigma or a sideways "M", but I'm not sure of the significance…
We went visiting and had tea and coffee and cake at Terri's - chatted for hours and enjoyed her peaceful square and bougainvillea. 
Walking back, spotted these really low level windows. 
Another narrow Symi lane we'd not been down before. 
Repaired to the Olive Tree for lunch, overlooking the approach to Yialos - calm seas and blue skies, and yummy food. 
Then we struggled all the way to The Rainbow Bar, to talk to James about contributions we can make to the process of filming the Judas Curse next week before we go. Great view down the Kalistrata.
Looking to the windmills from the back of the Rainbow.
Came home via the Village Hotel, and wondered why these two bollards are there. 
Came back to our apartment and enjoyed the changing faces of the valley as the sun gradually began its afternoon descent.
This day a year ago, we enjoyed this wonderful Pedi Bay sunrise before having a day meeting up with friends. 
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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