Tuesday, 8 October 2013

To Nimborio and Back - with Ostriches and an Exhibition

Another lovely sunny and warm morning, with breakfast on the terrace.
 Looking over the clear and calm Pedi bay.
We walked down to Yialos again, passing this lovely display of flowers looking across to Nimos. 
Outside the Iapetos Hotel 
We climbed the steep road out of town.
Passed this creature on the way. I thought it looked a bit like a praying mantis when I took the photograph - and was certain when I looked at it on the bigger screen later on. 
Coming up to St Georges church, there is now a brilliant echo from the white wall - the sound is funneled by the walls on either side of the path. 
Is this a location for the forthcoming Judas Curse filming that starts at the weekend?
Looking down into Nimborio bay - great to be back again. 
This property has been worked on since we were here in May - lovely coquillage work. 
For some reason (why?), they have installed a parking barrier in front of their parking area - but it was left up with no vehicle inside! 
Down by the beach below Niriides Apartment Hotel, saw this van with the formula for (C6H10O5)n, which may refer to polymers sharing that molecular formula, e.g Polydextrose,Glucan compounds such as CelluloseCurdlanPullulanGlycogen. My guess is that it had paper towels on board!
Had a very nice, relaxing lunch at Maria's taverna at Nimborio and then walked back. Spotted this moth on one of the elegant white flowers that are about. 
Another elegant white lower overlooking the bay with a speedboat going across to the monastery. 
Looking at Symi from the windmills to the Kataraktis. 
In the private zoo up the hill, saw these three ostriches after passing a young horse cooped up in a small pen that desperately needed to have a good run.
Another name for a vending machine! 
Up at the Chorio, this bin cat displayed impressive powers of relaxation skills 
The sun going down lit the hills above Pedi and made Turkey glow red. 
Sunset over Yialos. 
We went to the opening of an exhibition at the Symi Gallery. 
The exhibition was of life drawings by Ian Bishop, who owns a house on the island.
This day a year ago, we were at the penultimate Symi Dream wine night of the year with some familar faces:-)
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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  1. Love the walk to Nimborio, there are some fantastic views. Can't wait to get back next September :-)