Monday, 7 October 2013

Boats Galore, Overgrown Lawn & Last Wine Night

Went to the  Sunrise Kafeneion last night, where we were entertained by the sight of two grown men talking to little Teddy bears.
Then the Midnight Rambler put in a return appearance (thanks, Graham!) 
This morning we enjoyed our breakfast in the warmth with no wind on the terrace overlooking Pedi bay. 
We walked down into Yialos again, and passed this castor oil plant with seeds on the way to the High School. 
By the bins, a cofy sofa for the many bin cats (we counted eight there later in the day) 
Down in the harbour, the Panagia Skiadeni was in earlier than usual and berthed near the Symi on the opposite side of the harbour to usual - the Salamis Filoxenia out of Cyprus took up much of the other side of the harbour.
I liked the design on the stern of this Turkish boat.
Old style and new style boat designs side by side. 
Intricate designs on these balconies that we have walked under many times but never noticed before. 
Had coffee in Eva's Bar, being entertained by Mike while the cruise ship backed out of the harbour.
The Iapetos horse and carriage went past. 
Another photograph being posed in front of the anchor. 
A new cruise ship, L'Austral had come into port without much fuss.
We had a most enjoyable lunch at the Trata before wandering up the road towards the petrol station. Saw this excellent door knocker on the way. 
Looking back at Yialos. 
We then walked up the road towards Haritomeni Taverna, passing lots of thistles and grasses shining in the sunshine.
An incredible sight amongst all the parched vegetation was this green lawn in need of mowing! 
Back by the High School, thought that the funnels of L'Austral looked like mortars! 
Walking back to our apartment saw this great vapour trail in the sky.
The sun going down touching the sides of the valley.
We went along to the Symi Dream wine night - the last of the year as it transpired due to filming of the Judas Curse starting on Sunday. There will be an official end of season/end of filming "do" at the end of the month apparently - pity we won't be able to make it…
James was in in fine form dispensing glasses of wine. 
Some of the assembled throng. 
This day a year ago, we enjoyed this sunset over the Pedi Valley 
Su's news story of the day will return tomorrow.

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