Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Glowing Strings, Empty Room and Happy Dog

Couldn't resist buying a set of these strings when I saw them advertised. They are coated like the ones I normally use, so just as long-lasting and apparently they look good under UV light.   Oh yes, they sound good too!
I thought that I was free but the decorating demon has caught me in its grasp - cleaned ceiling and walls prior to application of fresh paint to the back room.
Bookshelves look so elegant when they're empty.
Bella has bounced back after her operation yesterday.  Now she's slept off the anaesthetic she is as keen as ever to play ball - note that swishing tail:-) She has to keep that bandage on until Friday, by which time it will be black from her efforts to get it off!
One of our clematis plants in the back garden - it's doing very well indeed.
This day a year ago, the van was back on the back of a flat bed truck again - this time just down the road to Larkhall garage to be fixed. Glad I paid for the recovery option on my van insurance.
Su's news story of the day  (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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