Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Drizzle, Flowers and Numberplates

At work with the chainsaw this morning, cutting up the steps from our old decking until it started to drizzle - not good when using an electric saw (and I'd run out of oil for it anyway). The drizzle didn't last too long, so I went to put some washing out - on the way, spotted this big bee on our veronica.  I'll have to consult the bee guide in the recent Gardener's World to see if I can identify it more precisely.
Su pointed out our neighbour's blue hibiscus across the road. 
One of our new residents - a very pretty hydrangea that will live at the front of the house.
Out with Bella this afternoon in the drizzly rain (so the washing is getting another rinse on the line), spotted this unusual numberplate.
With the rain, of course we see the return of these creatures to visibility rather than hiding in shady spots.
A fine display of white pom-pom hydrangeas. 
A discarded glove for my collection. 
Another unusual numberplate. 
This abandoned basket is still up on St Stephens green - what an honest bunch they are up there:-)!
Budding traffic planners at work here? I like the zebra crossings position on the crosssroads.
Rather fine adornment on the top of this house. 
This day a year ago, it felt like Autumn and looked like it too - in the middle of August. It has been a bit cooler and wetter today, but it is due to warm up again next week
Su's news story of the day (Independent website- click on the title for the full story):

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