Thursday, 15 August 2013

Rain, Rubbish and Oil

A rainy day, so it was a wet walk with Bella this morning. The bees were noticeable by their absence.
 A filigree of cobwebs and raindrops.
Today was rubbish and recycling collection - looks like a cat or fox mistook this bag full of shredded paper for one with food in.
Very neatly arranged carrier bags. 
Raindrops on these ragged robin leaves looked good. 
The rain showed off oil spills to good effect. 
More streaks across the road. 
Out with Bella this afternoon, spotted these coats under a tree - hope they belonged to the children on the swings.
Only in Bath… 
Liked these anenomes. 
A bank full of wild strawberries by the road - wonder how many passers-by it will take before they disappear? 
More fruit on the way. 
Tonight we are off out to see Alan Partridge at the Little Theatre. Review tomorrow.
This day last year it was still raining -these blackberries were surprisingly tasty despite the lack of sunshine to ripen them.
Su's news story of the day(BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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