Saturday, 10 August 2013

Wood, Insects and Flowers

Another busy day. I spent some of it in the back garden wielding our chainsaw on the logs that Su bought at Westonbirt a while back.
While I did this Su was at work in the front garden, addressing the aesthetics of our trellis - now looking much more stylish.
After a shower to remove all the embedded sawdust, it was off out with Bella for a walk.  Lots of insect activity, starting with this bee on buddleia.
Having read about hoverflies in the Guardian this morning and seeing my first one of the year this morning I then spotted this one on some ivy flowers - synchronicity or what? 
Last year the tallest plants in this field were umbellifers.  This year's sunshine and drier weather has allowed the grasses to predominate. 
This display of native ladybirds (you can tell by the number and size of their spots) were a treat on these flowers. 
Buddleia is also known as the butterly bush, and this stand certainly lived up to that name - it was festooned with them.
Another one just on the next flower . 
Suddenly gladioli have appeared in people's gardens - one of my favourite flowers. 
A birthday bash in progress - I could hear the jollity from the road. 
Non-offensive graffiti. 
 Another, more flamboyant display of gladioli
This bee was happily working its way around these knautia 
The things you find on the pavement! 
This day a year ago we left Wembury and visited Pam & Paul, our old neighbours from Clutton, in their 22 acres of woodland in Devon. This was Paul surveying his estate.
Su's news story of the day - an update for those who may have been intrigued by the earlier story (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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