Monday, 12 August 2013

Bees, Band on the Stand and Boundary Issues

Out with Bella this morning, spotted my first privet flowers of the year.
 The bees were back at work again
 These flowers are one of their favourites.
Apparently, one teaspoonful of honey is equivalent to the eight bees' lifetimes' work. Precious stuff indeed.
Spotted this slogan on the back of an Audi. Have no idea what it's about.
Went over to Bathampton with Su via the London Road. 
Passed the fire station where our neighbour works as a retained fireman. 
A big hay wagon trundling into town. 
There was a traffic jam all the way back out to Bathampton - luckily it was gone by the time we came back down the hill. 
Went for a delicious coffee at Mangia Bene in St James - really must go to catch some of the music that happens opposite in the Wine Vaults.
Spotted this in a shop window - how do you distress a sofa cover?!! 
This afternoon we took Bella for a walk in Victoria Park - our destination was the bandstand.
Looking up the slope towards the Royal Crescent. 
There was a photo shoot/interview going on for Jamma de Samba, a local outfit. They were done up in their garb - one of them was definitely under-dressed for the cooler temperatures this afternoon.
We went to catch a bit more of Ards Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann from County Down, who were again very good.
On the way out of the park, we noticed the sphinxes on top of the park gates.
In the park, the pond has been fenced off to protect the public and their animals from high levels of green-blue algal bloom. Guess the ducks are OK…
Went past the entrance to the Botanical Gardens on our circuit of the park. 
These parking lines aren't the work of a drunken line painter, but done by someone who took account of the tree bulging out into the road. Note the absence of cars - something to do with the council charging for parking maybe?
Walked Bella up the hill, and noticed another boundary taking account of tree growth. 
An abandoned mitten on the golf course fence. 
This day last year, we were in the walled garden of The Old Barn at Nailsea to celebrate Barbara's birthday.
Su's story of the day (my next construction challenge?!):-

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