Friday, 23 August 2013

A Hectic Whirl of Activity

Catching up with the events of yesterday and today - a little later than promised last night. This was yesterday's morning sky - warm and promising.
Out with Bella, I saw these holly berries yet to ripen and turn red.
These flowers have been choppped down along with the nettles lining the path on which they grew. The bees will miss them.
 Of to see the van being worked on at MAD - discussed some of the fine points of the fitting out - looking forward to getting it back next week.
 After that, it was off to Prior Park garden centre for a coffee - saw the gardeners gardening at the garden centre:-)
An unusual item for my abandoned items collection - a loaf of bread at this bus stop.
The bees were happily drinking necatr from these buddleia flowers.
Took Bella for her afternoon walk and looked over towards Bathampton.
True to form - and even with her bandage on Bella. found a ball for me to throw for her.
 Our new hydrangea has settled in very well - like the way that it goes pink as the flowers go over.
Then it was off into Bristol - we passed this big shop front at Cabot Circus for the 80 Gromits project.
Had a tasty masal dhosa at Krishan's Inn on the Triangle before going up to Clifton village, where we saw this house with roof garden in the evening light.
Went to the Bristol Fringe to see The Pushy Doctors - Andy Sheppard on saxophones, Tony Orrell on drums and Dan Moore on keyboard. This was their sound check before the gig, whihc was absolutely brilliant - small venue but big music!
Awake bright and early with Bella's fidgeting, and for Su to go and get her MoT done. Later on, we were out and about and spotted this extravagantly decorated van.
Bella had her bandage taken off today - the vet is very happy with the way her ear is healing, and she's happy to have the bandage off. She'll have her stitches out in 10 days.
This day a year ago, our grapes were coming on but still needing time to ripen - just like this year.
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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