Friday, 16 August 2013

Chimney, Dentist, Vet and Sunshine

On our way to see Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa last night spotted this personalised numberplate in the car park. Well if you've got a Jaguar, a big ego and money to spare it's a pretty good number to choose:-). The film was enjoyably funny with a few stand-out scenes - most of which are in the trailer but it was worth going out to see. We return to the Little Theatre again on Sunday to see David Bowie is Happening about the recent exhibition at the V&A - review then.
Today has been eventful.  First off was a visit from our regular chimney sweep, Smiley John Sweep, who is in fact a former student of mine from UWE called Simon (of course!). Then it was off to the dentist with Su, who had a tooth extracted. She's been recovering upstairs on the sofa all day while I have taken her a few drinks and morsels of soft food. Out with Bella this afternoon, the sun came out and this sunflower showed off again.
Looking over at Solsbury Hill noticed this house with 15 solar panels - that should make them some money even if the roof doesn't face due south but more westwards. 
Bella found a ball and waited expectantly for me to kick it. You may notice that her right ear is sticking out a bit in this photograph - this is because it was swollen up with a haematoma in her ear (the second she's had in the last six months) which got sorted out when I took her to the vet after this walk. We'll need to keep an eye on this…
Before we went off to Julian Road to the vet  it was time to enjoy the sunshine and kick the ball for her a bit more. I liked the effect of the light in this photograph - a bit like an alien abduction beam! 
As the sun gets lower in the sky at this time of year there are many more interesting angles to be found for photographs.
Saw this logo on a car numberplate - as far as I can find out on Google this relates to the mascot for the Springboks rugby team. Note the distorted photographer in the car's chrome trim.
I've seen these flowers before but never noticed them bearing fruit before today.
 Pretty mallow and hydrangea combination.
This day a year ago, Bella and I headed off in the van up to Snead in Wales to meet up with my brother and sister-in-law for a spot of camping - Su stayed in Bath for a couple of days before she joined us. Stopped at Tintern Abbey for a spot of lunch.
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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