Saturday, 24 August 2013

Time to Dismantle our House

Having got the back room ready for decorating, we have decided to take another tack with our house maintenance schedule, and re-tile the kitchen floor and decorate in there first. So - despite the fact that we finished off the kitchen this time last year - we have taken out most of the contents. Only the sink and small unit next to it won't move at all (the washing machine and cooker will move within the kitchen space). I know that we should have done the floor before finishing off the units and doing the wall tiling - but we don't work that way!
It's nice to see the empty space, and the acoustics sounded good when I wandered in there with my guitar.
Thr front room, which we had emptied and got ready for decorating, is now our temporary kitchen preparation and storage area - it's a little crowded on the ground floor at the moment. Upstairs, our bedroom is in an experimental phase (details to follow) but at least the front room and bathroom have stayed in a stable configuration - for now!
Took Bella for a stroll around the block and spotted these pretty little pink flowers with the mallow.
Be very afraid of this contractor!
These two empty cans of enrgy drink were tidily left in the gutter.
Pretty flowers in the overgrown hedge of the pub.
After dismantling the kitchen, we rewarded ourselves with a late lunch. Went via the London Road, and saw these new shops opened up there.
This one's new as well.
On the way home passed this trike - which, most originally, is giving tours of Bath. Better than the open-topped buses that clog up the roads.
This day a year ago, it was so cold that we lit our stove. I was taken by the pattern the burned log left behind.
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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