Thursday, 8 August 2013

Tip Trip, Westonbirt and Van Progress

After the recent deconstruction in the garden and the van, it was time for the joy of the tip today. On the way, we went past Victoria Park, where the play area was teeming.
After that, we repaired to the Secret Garden Cafe at Prior Park Garden Centre for some lunch. I was taken by this blue-ish hibiscus outside.
Then the joy of shopping at Sainsburys called…
Passed Green Park station on the way home. 
I took Bella off to Westonbirt for a late walk. This tree is on the turn already - first signs of Autumn? 
This structure is weathering down nicely…
… as is this tree trunk from 2006 - never spotted this before today.  I like the way that it has been added to by visitors.
Lovely blossom throughout the woods. 
 Evidence of charcoaling activity.
 Knock On Wood indeed - I did, but got no reply…
Saw the first mushrooms of the season - another autumnal hint.
Went by the big open sided barn, where a chair-making course was in progress
Liked these cloudy red trees. 
Oak leaves on the grass. 
Little scabious flowers were all over the field at the end of Silk Wood. 
Like this old house that is now a viewing space for the new propagation area.
Did a proof of concept lay out of the van with cushions from our sofa now that the bulk of the demolition work has been done.
Westonbirt has some new flags. 
This day a year ago, we were still down at Wembury wheret he foal was much more interested in us than the first time we'd seen it. 

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