Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sunset, Bees and Woods

Last night's sunset.
The skies continued to pink up. 
Out with Bella this morning spotted these brilliant crocosmia
These bees happily worked their way round this teazle. 
We were over in High Littleton this afternoon, where we saw this unusual house name.
Then it was off into Greyfield Woods to give Bella a walk. 
We used to walk here a lot when we lived in Clutton - a chap called Max used to live in the woods and build shelters like this.
An upside down tree. 
Su bought some crisps, only to discover that they were gendered Cheese & Onion. "As thick as you like them" indeed - McCoys should be ashamed of themselves.
Back home, spotted this moth on the kitchen ceiling while washing up.
This day a year ago, because I had a migraine it was a very short blog with no pictures.

Su's news story of the day (Ekathimerini website - click on the title for the full story):
Man caught with stolen road signs

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