Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Back to the Vet, Multiple Spires and Numberplates

Had to take Bella back to the vets this morning as her ear had developed another haematoma so she had to have an operation to seal off the offending blood vessel. After dropping her off we ventured to Clevedon, where we had coffee at Tiffin before enjoying the joys of the garden sculpture shop just along the front.
Managed to tear ourselves away from their innumerable delights and walked along past the pier to see the redevelopment of the Rock House Hotel proceeding apace - it's much lower than when we last saw it.
Walked up towards Hill Street and saw our first unusual numberplate of the day. Wonder if the owner is a churchgoer or a pensioner (or both)? 
Scary place, Clevedon! 
The first of several spires that we saw around the town. 
Another interesting spire on a gymcafe. 
I'd never thought of displaying sheet music before - just playing it.
They have scruples in Clevedon too. 
Another dreaming spire. 
Another unusual numberplate. 
And parked right next to it was another one. Are they connected? 
Went down the slipway to the edge of the mud and enjoyed the pier and the views of Wales beyond. 
Looking out across the seaweed and mudflats - the tide was coming in quite quickly by this time. 
Looking back at the front. 
Got home and collected Bella, still groggy from the anaesthetic and most put out by her bandaged ear. To make things even worse, we put this helmet on her to discourage her from trying to remove the dressing.  Now the drugs have worn off and she's had something to eat, she is happily snoozing. She has to keep the bandage on until Friday, so that should be fun! 
This day a year ago was the day I wrote about yesterday (slipped a day in my looking back at last year's blog).  Before we broke down in Stroud, we'd stopped off for a very pleasant break at Queenswood arboretum 
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):
Snoring 'cured by singing exercise' (and yes, I do take it personally:-)!)

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