Sunday, 31 August 2014

Triple Football Bars, Psychedelic Hotel and Weather

Out last night for a meal I passed three bars next to each other, all with big TV screens and all showing the same footbal match. The different delays between the different sets made for interesting acoustical effects…
Looking the other way my hotel with its old style psychedelic lights 
This morning, the clouds bubbled up. 
Still 30ยบ+C. off to teach a long day - the central courtyard of the college looks much better than it did in February. 
 Interesting flowers planted by the stairwell.
Went in search of a security person to unlock the teaching room (which turned out to have a malfunctioning air conditioning system - which we all survived) and I saw this series of posters on the noticeboard
Went over to the shops to get some lunch (no canteen open at the weekend in the college…) and passed under the wrapped tower blocks.
The view through the front of the college to the flats and cranes beyond. 
At the end of the afternoon, these flats looked very imposing against the dark and thundery skies (we had rain as well, but I didn't see any of the forecast lightning)
This day a year ago, we went to Westonbirt and then Walcot Street in Bath where we parked opposite this fountain and its unusual bollards. 

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