Friday, 22 August 2014

Flowers, Portaloo and Film

Out with Bella this morning into a brighter and warmer day than yesterday.
Pretty rose. 
The ivy flowers are on their way. 
Liked this perfect new bramble leaf. 
Two doors up is being completely gutted and rebuilt - today they took delivery of a portable toilet - gas masks on before it's been used:-) 
Out with Bella this afternoon, spotted this great example of the determination of plants to grow anywhere.
In the spring, I admired the flowers which have now turned into these hawthorn berries.
Hebe flowers. 
Spotted in the back of a car - an array of cyclamen. 
This evening we went down into town to the Little Theatre to see Two Days, One Night - an enjoyable and engaging French film. 
 Afterwards, we past Strada Italian restaurant, where I was once again reminded of its former inhabitant
 He lived there with his handsome and faithful mistress, Juliana Popjoy!
This day a year ago, I posted a short text-only blog as we were about to go out to Bristol for a meal and to see some jazz.

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