Sunday, 3 August 2014

At Home Harvesting and Garden Tiles

After my travels of the last few days, today has been domestically based. Spent some time this morning with Su harvesting our fulsome damson crop - this is just a small sample of the bucket and a half we got from our little tree.
At the front of the house, our grapes are extremely prolific - and nearly ripe enough to eat! 
Out with Bella, spotted these pretty little flowers in a front garden. 
On the edge of the cliff edge of Mount Beacon, this narrow strip might be just the foundations for an expensive parking space - or maybe an expensive Grand Designs construction - time will tell!. 
Thistles at every stage of their life cycle. 
Passed this bunting and the sound of glasses clinking for a party. 
Spider's web in the hedge already - normally an Autumn sight.
Garden tiles I collected on my trip northwards.
This day a year ago, walking Bella in the rain I indulged my obsession with holey bollards. 

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