Friday, 8 August 2014

Flowers, Spider's Dinner and Glowing Sunset

Our red clematis flower has properly opened since yesterday.
At the front of the house, these small pink flowers keep going.
Liked the blue of this daisy. 
Our grapes are just about ready to eat - stilll a little sharp, but not for much longer! 
While I was admiring the grapes, a bee was unfortunate enough to get caught in this spider's web. Before I could even think of trying to rescue it, the spider shot out and wrapped it up in silk for later eating. 
Less than 10 seconds from being caught to spider's larder…
Out with Bella this afternoon, I noticed that this scaffolding has been up so long that the bindweed has colonised it up to nearly the first floor of this house.
One lovely rose and more to come. 
However I look at this house built on a slope, I can't feel happy about which lines are vertical and horizontal!
Why is it that these parking spaces are reserved for residents only during the day - when there are very few residents' cars there?
Bees all over these flowers in the community garden space above Perfect View. 
The top of the garden with plea for lawn cuttings. 
Still a few wisteria flowers about.
Su demonstrated her excellent baking skills today with these tasty spelt loaves 
 A great sunset tonight.
Reflected in our neighbours' kitchen windows. 
This day a year ago, the van refit Phase One was complete - after this, it was over to the MAD Men in Kingswood.

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