Saturday, 16 August 2014

Bloomsbury Group Houses and a Great Garden

No WiFi at the last campsite, so catching up on three days of sightseeing and camping jollity. We've visited Charleston, Sissinghurt and Great Dixter and stayed at three campsites. This was Devil's Dyke north of Brighton - we didn't intend to see it, but navigational issues dictated otherwise:-)
Charleston - mainly pictures of the garden as no pictures allowed inside. 

 A snatched shot of the inside of the studio shelf contents.

Lovely hollyhock. 
and another… 
A snatched shot of the living room, which we saw inside as part of the tour. 
After that we camped north of Goudhurst, where we saw this old house before heading off for the day yesterday. 
Don't know what was so remarkable about the meals… 
Yesterday we went to Sissinghurst - great old barn there. 
Gazebo by the moat 
Ducklings unfazed by cooing visitors 
The Elizabethan tower as seen from the white garden. 
Oast houses, as we've seen all over Kent and Sussex 
Never seen a sign like this before. 
So many fish in the lake 
Bank erosion - a crisis of global capitalism? 
After yesterday's rain and grey skies, this morning's blue skies were most welcome. 
Off to Great Dixter, the garden of Christopher Lloyd - great old barn to greet us.
More oast houses. 
The house - a 15th Century pile extended by Lutyens 
Just one "room" in the astonishing garden 
A panorama of the long border 
It takes lots of work and lots of wheelbarrows too! 
Great hall inside. 
Sitting in the sunken garden this cat took a real shine to Su's lap and settled down for a snooze. 
This day a year ago, Bella had a swollen ear but was still in good spirits! 

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