Monday, 25 August 2014

Grape Jelly, Sawing Wood and Theatre at the Cinema

Yesterday, Su adopted the role of kitchen goddess, These were her fresh rosemary and bay leaves drying.
Jars in the oven drying and sterilising. 
Grapes, apple, sugar and herbs bubbling away.
Meanwhile I was in the garden being the chainsaw god sawing wood before today's forecast rain. In between ruining the neighbour's enjoyment of their back gardens, I enjoyed seeing the bees still getting nectar from our veronica flowers.
Twenty jars of grape jelly later (as well as evening meal and a strawberry loaf) - all hail Su!
Phlox flowers doing well. 
The bark on our silver birch at the bottom of the back garden is peeling away. 
No blog yesterday because I went off down to play some music with Stephen - looks like we might do some open mic nights when I'm back from Greece in October. Today was very different weather, with clouds coming down off the hill a long way into the valley.
We went down into town and parked in Victoria Park where this bright display helped to dispel the gloom of the afternoon.
We went down into town to the Little Theatre to see a film of a live performance from the National Theatre of Skylight, a David Hare play starring Bill Nighy and Carey Mulligan. Excellent stuff!
Afterwards we went into the gardens for Queens Square for the first time, to see these new signs on the bins.
The obelisk in Queens Square, featuring Su nipping off round the back 
An arm and leg appeared.
Then Su's head appeared on the other side. 
Looking up the obelisk to infinity… 
Then we went into the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, also for the first time. There we found an exhibition of fossils Somerset which had languished for many years in their store rooms.
Upstairs these three Georgian mansions knocked into one in we saw this cast of a fossil dug up in Northumberland.
This day a year ago, Bella enjoyed swimming at the foot of the waterfall down from Greyfields Woods near Clutton where we used to live.

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