Wednesday, 27 August 2014

He's gone to Hong Kong and I went to the dentist.

Marcus is in the air so I'm writing the blog for the next couple of days. He's currently somewhere over Germany on his way to Oman where he changes his flight to take him to Hong Kong. Poor thing is travelling business class both ways. His return takes him to Athens, Rhodes and Symi.  Makes you want to weep!!

So I dropped him off at the bus station this morning and took myself to the dentist for a check up.  I like our dentist and today we chatted about his forthcoming trip to Istanbul. He also gave my teeth the all-clear as well as the bill for his services so that's ok.

I had intended to go to the Little Theatre to see "Lilting" but discovered I could rent it online....and there began the saga of downloading a new application on my mac without the resident technical support. Perseverance paid off so I can be a happy couch lout tonight.

And finally, if anyone wants a Kindle I'm selling one on ebay......

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