Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Road Closures, Supermarket Dogs and Raindrops on Flowers

Off and out this morning, drove past Lansdown Terrace with sheep grazing the grass to the left
On Prior Park Road, written by someone waiting for the Number 8 bus? 
Prior Park road is closed - looks like it's being used to store materials for the scheme to stop Widcombe High Street being a main road
Went shopping after a spell at the Secret Garden Cafe and spotted these happy dogs outside the supermarket.  
Later on, took Bella for a walk and admired the raindrops on this mallow. 
I also liked the way the raindrops sat on these leaves.
Golden rod coming out. 
Walked down to the chemist after that, and saw this notice of surveillance… 
In our back garden, the spikes of veronica continue to delight. 
OUr crab apples are a rich colour. 
This clematis continues to delight as well. 
This day a year ago, Bella had an operation to reduce the swelling in her ear - she was not happy at all:-)

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