Monday, 11 August 2014

Bertha's Last Gasp, Ball Chasing and Flowers

Hurricane Bertha's remnants continued to dominate the weather today - trying to get the van sorted out for going away tomorrow was a challenge ducking in and out between downpours!
Later on, I took Bella for a walk in Weston Park, admiring the big clouds that - thankfully - didn't rain  on us. 
Bella enjoyed chasing after her ball and then doing her customary circling round me before letting go of the ball for me to throw it yet again.
Back home, our clematis flowers continue to delight even as the slugs and snails gradually much their way through them.
These red ones are coming on a treat with loads more blooms to emerge. 
Our hornbeam has taken on a lovely hue as the leaves start to change. 
Great skies as sunset drew near. 
This day a year ago, we enjoyed listening to this 19-piece Irish ensemble at Green Park Station.

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