Tuesday, 26 August 2014

MoT time, Immobile Cyclamen & Impending Trip

Spent most of the morning between home, Prior Park garden centre and the MoT testing station where Su's car was being  checked out (only a minor fix needed, so the bank balance is still healthy!). Driving about in the van, I spotted this nihilist registration plate.
 Out with Bella this afternoon, I admired the extent of this virginia creeper.
These cyclamen and hydrangea plants are still in the back of the same car… 
These signs have started appearing all over Bath - to see this pair, you need perfect vision… 
Newly chiselled sign on the drive up to the house above the Perfect View dog walking area. Don't know where the towers are! 
Blackberries are ripe and abundant. 
Liked this combination of verbena bonariensis and fennel flowers. 
Heavy skies over Little Solsbury. 
This day a year ago, Ben & Lena popped in on their way back from a festival and we enjoyed the lovely Bank Holiday Monday weather - topped off with this Brock Street sunset.
I'm off to Hong Kong tomorrow for another bout of teaching for UWE. I'll be in the air from the afternoon until the following evening, so should be back with you on Jetlag Friday. Su will be keeping you posted till then.

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