Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Plaques, Rain and Quirky Sculptures

Late posting this blog, so probably more pictures than words tonight. Last night's sunset was pretty.
Today we moved on to Littlehampton, stopping for lunch in Midhurst - or Madhurst as they like to call it for their festival…
Old drinking trough, complete with religious exhortation. You'd be hard pushed to get a drop out of it now…
Walking into Littlehampton from the camp site, saw this sign. 
On a house we passed… 
On the back of a car - definitely not Disney … (I liked the way my legs got reflected and distorted too!)
 Building work in progress.
No doubt famous clock… 
Saw a complete wall covered with passion fruit vines and flowers. 
This paean to plaice and how to cook it struck me as unusual - then I noticed the scratched graffiti (It's inedible), which made it irresistible… 
 Also irresistible, this sculpture of a dalmatian trying to get in the first floor window while a mannequin clothed only in a necklace looks out from the attic dormer.
The skies opened and people sheltered under the Fun Park roof - not much fun in evidence.
We sheltered by the Windmill Entertainment Centre, which boasted films and theatre - but nothing starts until Friday! Welcome to Britain in the Summer Holidays…
Littlehampton has a Noddy train! 
After the rain stopped we walked up the beach and saw a partial rainbow over the gaily painted beach huts. 
Also saw the rain that had fallen on us out to sea falling in great curtains as shafts of sunlight came down.
Later on, went for a drink by the Riverside and enjoyed the swans and the view up the River Arun. 
Another shaft of light as we left town. 
 This day a year ago, I spotted this sticker on a van in Victoria Park - apposite for our current trip!

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