Monday, 1 September 2014

Sunrise, Shopping and Shoes

Awake about 5 am this morning after crashing out really early last night - quite spectacular skies over the harbour.
Big clouds behind the shiny red building. The morning was very cloudy, which suited me as I had some preparation to do for tomorrow's two subject, six hour bout of teaching Hong Kong students two tricky subjects.
The day brightened up, I finished my work and so I did what any tourist s meant to do in Hong Kong - I went shopping! I went over to Mong Kok, a very busy area (mind you, most places in Hong Kong are busy!).
That's the way to see Hong Kong - on the top of a open topped bus in a traffic jam in 30ยบ+C temperatures. At least it wasn't quite so humid as yesterday.
I went to a street known as "Sports Shoe Street", for reasons that became apparent. The web posting I read said that there must be 50 such shops there and it wasn't exaggerating!
In one stretch, it seemed that every shop had an Adidas flash or logo
I had lunch down the behind the back of street market stalls in a little Indian restaurant called Miss India - nice mango lassi to cool me down and tasty tarka daal.
Sitar over the serving area
Back at the hotel, I wondered what the name of this car's owner might be…
This day a year ago, we had a spectacular sunset after a lovely day when Su picked grapes and made her first ever grape jelly.

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