Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Dinner, Cranes and Hong Kong in the Sunshine

Went across to Hong Kong island again last night to meet up with other folk teaching from UWE on a new degree at the Design Institute. On the way to meet them at their hotel saw this confluence of sign and image - meat counter?!
It was very busy with traffic… 
Ah, the mother ship of our favourite Bristol Chinese restaurant?
After a pleasant evening walked back to the train station over the same stretch of road, now much quieter. 
In the station, saw this Community Art notice board complete with painted paper plates.
Waiting for the train, a big version of this poster. I've been holding the handrail on escalators and nobody's given me a statuette!
Also in the train station something about fun and quite large sums of money. Mind boggled… 
Today has been lovely with blue skies and hot but not overly humid - just the day to spend inside teaching 120 students… 
I liked the view across past these flats to the cranes at the container port  
In the front of the college, you can have any colour car you like - as long as it's silver. 
The wrapped tower blocks looked good in the sunshine.
Pretty flower. 
Looking across to the container port from another angle through the trees around the basketball court by the flats.
A clearer view with the bridge to Lantau visible as well. 
More decorations by the bus stop. 
Fountain, with one dolphin not quite on target… 
Back near the hotel, looking under the walkway across toward Hong Kong island basking in the afternoon sunshine.
Panoramic view from my room as the sun caught the tops of buildings on this side of the water. 
 This day a year ago, we drove into Bristol and admired this most unusual vapout trail.

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