Sunday, 23 February 2014

Looking Around Bradford on Avon

Out with Bella this morning, I admired these fungi on a tree trunk.
We went over to Bradford on Avon for a wander around, and saw their flood defenses - they look a bit Heath Robinson, but apparently worked very well in the recent deluges.
End of season madness indeed… 
They are made by a Swedish company if the website address is anything to go by. 
The river is still running high but contained within its banks. Let's hope the rain holds off…
Passed this pub with flamboyant sign.
A very old hotel... 
This looks much more like a town hall than a Catholic church. 
A golden post box - Su told me they are to commemorate medal winners …
Where to go for booze and pies… 
Moss in a drain caught my eye. 
Spotted this unusual top floor window in the eaves.
Here is the smallest window ever… 
Looking down the narrow lane to the river. 
Classical busts of Hygeia, Aescalaepus, Galen, Minerva et al adorning the outside of this building. 
Outside an old mill now converted for housing, a plaque commemorating the many employees who died in the First and Second World Wars.
The original gatehouse. 
I liked these bicycle racks on the way to a Farmer's Market in the courtyard. 
Another very old building 
This day a year ago, we went to Bristol to see Richard Thompson - as usual an excellent performance. 

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