Monday, 3 February 2014

Box Stroll and the Chinese Theme Continues…

We went off to Box this morning and had a bit of a stroll about the Market Street area. Spotted this brewery in its old building.
Great shape to this clocktower. 
Good name for a short street. 
Loved the shape of this bay window. 
The old house… 
We speculated that this building looked like it had once been a pub - an opinion confirmed by a local who we talked to. 
My plans for the day were disrupted by a phone call at lunchtime. Now rather than covering teaching for UWE colleagues in this country - as I thought I'd be doing from tomorrow, I will be off to Hong Kong myself on Wednesday for a couple of weeks. Su will be doing the blog for at least some of that time.

Having made some quick covering arrangements of my own, I managed to get out for a walk with Bella. New arrangements for selling eggs at this house - they must have got fed up with the eggs, or the tin they were stored in being stolen.
The skies brightened a little. 
Old man's beard in the hedgerow. 
A glow lit up the top of Little Solsbury 
This day a year ago, I had to get the fuel tank on the van drained of the petrol I had mistakenly put into my diesel tank - an expensive lapse of concentration!

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